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Ford Courier Product Launch

This project was the product launch for the Ford Transit Courier, the baby of the family.

For this, I led a studio staged design coo!… of sorts. Our projects for the most part where led by our company director. We felt as a team we wanted to do something a little different with this. Traditionally we would wall up an event space to hide the dull, twee or sometimes garish presentation rooms we were offered and this was looking to go the same way. So we created an animated presentation which we pitched to our director.

We really liked the industrial feel of the space and thought the budget would be better spent on lighting and an enormous projector screen! nine meters of screen in fact with three projectors feeding it. We wanted to change the way presentations were done.

Our line of thinking for the event was the small van with big ideas. So we used the shell of the vehicle, sprayed the whole thing white and mounted it to the wall. The street was animated to flow past it, with information on the vehicle integrated in to the 3D rendered environment. The van was also projected on to highlight the versatility of the seating configurations, powertrains etc.

I created a look and style based around a 3D render with the vehicle Photoshoped in to which was then applied to all the event assets.

Simon Webb