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Kugadventure was a product launch like no other. To promote the launch of the new Ford Kuga, Ford decided they wanted to host an event that would travel from Greece to the far north of Norway. It comprised of several legs that Journalists in their various forms could book on to, to experience the new vehicle in their chosen environment.

Kugadventure was a fantastic project to work on and one of the most diverse. Working as the lead designer on this project, my team of very talented graphic, web, CAD and VR designers came together to produce this project.

From concept, through design, production and sign off, I had a hand in every element. This project had it all. It begins with a look and style for the event. This was then applied to the exterior of the truck. The interior was designed to have a comfortable, clean and functional environment. The truck was used as a command center, so a website was created so guests could check out their route with live traffic and weather laid over the top. Each of the eleven legs had it’s own travel brochure designed, detailing all the sights and activities along the way.

As a fun way of introducing the factual information about the vehicle to the guests, we created a VR game utilising the HTC vive system. Working with a VR partner we created an experience ahead of it’s time.

Simon Webb