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Mojo 2010

This packaging was the first in a series of items I designed for the MOJO awards sponsored by Ford Transit.

This was the first time I had engineered the packaging from scratch. The outside was fairly straight forward as a simple box shape was required. The inner was more challenging. The model Transits van the packaging was for had particularly delicate wing mirrors. So I designed an inner construction, to be cut and folded from one piece of material to hold the vehicle in place and protect it.

The outer design was photographed from a friends amp. As they are normally square I duplicated it up to form an oblong amp to suit the packaging. If you look closely of course each dial goes up to 11!… because that’s one more…

The packaging was matte laminated, the chrome corner pieces and carry handle where embossed and spot uv’d to give it a realistic appearance.

Simon Webb